Costuming for Stage and Screen Graduate of Capilano University, Dawn Miller is a fan of all things big, bold, and wild.

Dawn got their start in the sewing world through the craft of Cosplay, recreating costumes based off of properties such as My Hero Academia, Miraculous Ladybug, SheRa and the Princesses of Power, among several others. Through this world Dawn learnt to expand their craft, keeping a keen eye for detail and has expanded their craft into designing their own work.

Dawn strives to be a designer in the online space, working with Content Creators and Influencers alike, better known as MochaMage in the online realm. One of Mocha’s most recognizable design being inspired by the year-long YouTube series Unus Annus, created back in the summer of 2020.

With work found on Disney’s Prom Pact, and the CW’s Riverdale, Dawn has credits on several projects including the award winning short film Darkside by Spencer Zimmerman, and films as part of the 48-hour Vancouver Film Festival Run N Gun.

Streamed Live on Twitch

Dawn shares a variety of projects and work live over on their Twitch Channel, including costumes and custom builds, as well as gaming content ranging from 90’s CD Rom games to newer mainstream titles

A Variety of Content Across the Web

Dawn is currently behind two YouTube channels- MochaMage Cosplay, focusing on cosplay and sewing content, as well as a variety of vlogs and lifestyle content; and Mocha’s Brewhouse, focusing on videos essays and gaming content.